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Y-Tube Olfactometers
With the new Space Saver Y-Tube (Wishbone)
  1. Y-Tube Space saver (Wishbone)

  2. Y-Tube Classic style

  3. Inline Odor Source Chamber with ¼” tube quick disconnect in the removable head. (OSI)

  4. ¼” Tube Adaptor for use with direct air and large odor source chambers. (OSE)

  5. Specimen Adaptor for introduction of test subjects and air exit port. (SA)

  6. Joint clips for securing an inner ground joint (Adaptors) to an outer ground joint (Y-Tube Body).

insect olfactometer

Y-Tube Classic Style setup with 1 Inline Odor Source (OSI), one ¼” tube adaptor (OSE), one Specimen adaptor at the foot of the Y-Tube.  All adaptors are locked in place with joint clips.

insect y-tube olfactometer

Wishbone Style Y-Tube takes up less counter space with an inline approach.

OSE Adaptors


The OSE Adaptors are for use with external chambers and the control side of the Y-Tube.  The Sigma OSE series is an adaptor with a stainless steel screen that allows for ¼” tubing to be attached to the Y-Tube.  This ¼” tube can come directly from a flow meter for clean air or can have a large odor source chamber with an in and out port between the flow meter and the Y-Tube.  The second chamber in the picture to the left.

Inline Odor Source Chambers / Adaptors


Sigma Scientific offers the OSI “Inline Odor Source Chambers.”   Sigma Scientific’s OSI-1018 through OSI-2425 use a standard Chamber.  The usable portion of the chamber is 18mm ID by 75mm long.  That is taking into account the stainless steel screen and the end cap with the ¼” tubing adaptor quick disconnect.  YT-2926 and above we manufacture the end cap to the tubing diameter of the ground joint and can be made to varying lengths, examples are:

odor source olfactometer

Setup of a Y-Tube Olfactometer


Depending on your air source (tank high pressure air verses compressed air) the set up differs slightly.  If using clean purified tank air, activated carbon filtration is not required, but the purified tank air will be very dry.  It is recommended to use an inline bubbler with distilled water to humidify the air.   Compressed Air is usually 90 – 100 % humidified unless it is processed by a chiller unit, please check with your building manager to determine if a chiller is used.  The compressed air will not be purified and activated carbon filters will be required to remove all oils, hydro-carbons and volatiles from the air before use in experiments.  Sigma Scientific has inline acid washed activated carbon filter with 5 layers of filtration and quick disconnects on each end.


Lamenter flow:


Control of your air flow into the Y-Tube is critical for laminar flow.  It is highly recommended to have precision flow meters so no eddy currents or vortices are created at the Y-Tube junction.  The idea is to create a laminar flow from the inflow ports of the Y-Tube arms to the outflow port at the foot of the Y-Tube, and to try to keep the mixing of the air streams to a minimum, there will be a gradient mix of the streams with odors and without.  Keeping your odor to a minimum so as not to over stimulate the senses of the test subject is recommended.  Smoke test to visually verify that no turbulence is occurring in the main Y-Tube body, is strongly recommended.   The Specimen Adaptor has a stainless steel screen to keep the insects inside the adaptor but at the same time allow the two air flows to exit the Y-Tube.  Controlled positive pressure at the arms of the Y-Tube is the recommended method.

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