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Features & Specifications: 


The pressurized supply air is teed-off after the high pressure gauge to a secondary regulator and gauge, used to adjust air flow to the venturi vacuum generator.  The modular highly efficient venturi vacuum pump is capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], contamination tolerant, and includes a silencer for quiet operation (@ 50 PSI source air supply increased noise by only 11dB.)   The venturi vacuum generator allows for a continuous vacuum with little to none pulses or fluctuation

The constant flow vacuum is then directed to a 0-30” Hg gauge, then on to a precision vacuum flow meter or meters.  A cartridge filter is placed between the vacuum inlet port and flow meter to prevent any particles from clogging the flow meter and to absorb and volatiles from being rereleased into the laboratory environment. 


4-choice(Multi-Choice/Four-Arm)Insect Olfactometer, Y-Tube Olfactometers, Volatile Collection Trap, Flying Insect Wind Tunnel, Clean Air Delivery Systems

Tel. 1+352.505.5793  Micanopy, FL USA

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