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Classic Four Arm 4-Choice Arena Olfactometer w/Removable Lid

Features & Specifications


Main body 12" x 12" x 1", & all inlet & outlet ports made from solid UHMW-Poly Ethylene (PE) with a 1/4" thick clear Plexiglas removable Lid.  System includes an insect inlet adapter.

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NOTE: Specify insect size at time of order) and (4) all glass, 2-piece combination External Odor Source (EOS) Adapter and Insect Isolation Trap (IIT) which collect insects responding to an odor source and prevents them from returning into the arena.  


Unit also includes a 2-CHOICE ADAPTER  insert which allows the olfactometer to be converted to a two choice system by blocking off half of the arena area.  Olfactometer is supported by (4) -  6" removable legs.


4-choice(Multi-Choice/Four-Arm)Insect Olfactometer, Y-Tube Olfactometers, Volatile Collection Trap, Flying Insect Wind Tunnel, Clean Air Delivery Systems

Tel. 1+352.505.5793  Micanopy, FL USA

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