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Nematode Soil Olfactometer

Two-Choice Soil Olfactometer


Nematode Induction Chamber-2-Port:  2-Choice T-design with center port for introduction of the test nematodes.  Requires two Plant Growth Chambers and two NCC-SP (Nematode Collection Chamber Short Path), threaded collection arm placed between the PGC and the NIC. Designed to retain specified amount of soil allowing for insect/nematode to pass into collection chamber but not into plant growth chamber (plant growth chamber sold separately).

Download the 2019 Catalog for Pricing 

Six-Choice Soil Olfactometer

6-Choice Soil Olfactometer soil view.JPG

The 6 & 4-Choice Soil Olfactometer has been designed to prevent the loss of soil when removing the arm from between the center chamber and the radial arm chambers.  The loss of nematodes during this phase of the experiment is a great possibility.  The new design allows for very little loss or none at all, and allows for the soil to be replaced with fresh soil to continue the experiment. The short path adaptor is easily removed and transported without loss of soil or nematodes.

Download the 2019 Catalog for Pricing

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