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olfactometry air delivery system

Clean Air Delivery System

2-Port Positive Pressure Flow Out

Air Delivery System for 4-choice olfactometer

Clean Air Delivery System

4-Port Positive Pressure Flow Out/Dual Y-Tubes & Volatile Collection (4 out /1 in, for 4-Choice Olfactometers)

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Olfactometry and volatile collection experimental methods require a reference carrier air, free of particulates, excessive pollutants such as SOx, NOx, CS2 etc., and most importantly volatile organics.

The Sigma Scientific Clean Air Delivery System (CADS) are specifically designed to not only purify the supply of air to a standard state, but also provide a convenient system of regulated air flow to the many variable experimental devices used in olfactometry and volatile collection.

4-choice(Multi-Choice/Four-Arm)Insect Olfactometer, Y-Tube Olfactometers, Volatile Collection Trap, Flying Insect Wind Tunnel, Clean Air Delivery Systems

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