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Volatile Collection Traps (VCTs) 

Standard SS-VCT's 


Standard SS-Volale Collection Traps come with 25mg in your choice of one of four Absorbents:


  • Porapak™ Type Q

  • Carbopak™ B

  • HayeSep® Q.

  • Tenax T                                                                                


VCT’s (volatile collection traps) are used with our air delivery and volatile collection systems. The chosen absorbent is packed into the glass tube allowing for the collection of trace volatile organic compounds.



volatile collection trap

Buy 25 and get 5 for free


No Limit (Buy a 100 pack and get 25 free)

4-choice(Multi-Choice/Four-Arm)Insect Olfactometer, Y-Tube Olfactometers, Volatile Collection Trap, Flying Insect Wind Tunnel, Clean Air Delivery Systems

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